Different beer stylesKnown to man since ancient times, beer has always been a refreshing drink bearing the distinctive aroma and taste of the hop plant. Passing through the olden days of the Sumerians and the Babylonians, to the ancient world of the Egyptians and the Europeans, the beer beverage comes to the world of today with a fortune in history and diversity. This is the begining of the home brewing.

In present days are known an enormous variety of beer, each of which is distinctive with something original, characteristic and unique. There are many reasons for the existence of considerable differences in taste, color and aroma even amongst the same types of beer. Some of them are distinguished by their light or dark color, smoked, caramelized or fruit tones in the taste and aroma, with their specific components caused by the use of barley or wheat malt, the presence of beer yeast, high alcoholic content and many more. Such an example would be that light beers are characterized by a hay-yellow and amber color, which slightly differs between these and special beers, while the rest of the types can change their nuances, and color properties that vary from caramel, morello, even to dense coffee color. The pure hop and malt aroma of light beers stand out. These own an unmatched freshness and balance. A characteristic is the light and pleasant bitterness, which normally increases toward the special and more high-extractive beers.

Dark beers combine a part of these characteristics, but with their own present, slightly caramel sweetness, dense and clearly expressed malt taste. In this case the bitterness is subtly masked by the dominating coffee tones, and this is quite natural, bearing in mind the special dark malts used. A characteristic trait of these is the underlying malt sweetness and the taste of over baked malt.

Beers with the definition of “Live Beer” are gaining popularity among the fans of the frothy drink. These unfiltered beers, distinguished by the presence of beer yeasts, are exceptionally rich in aroma, freshness, unrivaled and memorable taste. Assortments produced with wheat have made their too. On the other hand, they are differentiated with their individuality, coming forth with particular and intensive fruit aroma, dense body and harmony.