Tartaric acid for grape must or wine - 300g

Tartaric acid - 300 grams
Tartaric acid for grape must or wine - 300g
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Tartaric acid is an agent who helps to increase the titratable acidity of grape must or wine – acidifying agent. Typically, the acidity decreases were observed in overripe grapes.

Recommended doses

1 ÷ 2 g / 1 liter

Tentative addition of 1 g / liter of tartaric acid increases the total acidity with 0,75 g / liter.

Directions for use

Desired amount of tartaric acid is dissolved in 3-4 times as much grape must or wine by the homogeneous solution and then added to the must or wine.


Acidification is better to be done on a wine ready. Since at home is usually missing opportunities for accurate determination of acidity, it is recommended the addition of tartaric acid is carried out in small portions followed by tastings and breaks down to the desired effect.


Keep in cool and dry place.

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