Ca / Na bentonite Microcol CL-G - 100g

Granulated Calcium / Sodium bentonite - 100 grams
Ca / Na bentonite Microcol CL-G - 100g
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Microcol CL-G is a Montmorillonite Calcium / Sodium bentonite specifically prepared and formulated for winemaking purposes. Microcol CL-G has a very strong settling capacity and a high protein adsorption power. This formulation contains an extreme low amount of iron and disperses immediately in water. These are the ideal characteristics for the stabilisation and the clarification of juices and wines. Recommended for red wines.


Microcol CL-G’s particular composition allows for faster settling and formation of very compact lees or gross lees. The juice or wine clarification is enhanced with increased liquid phase. In addition, the racking operations are significantly improved.

Microcol CL-G due to its very high specific adsorbing power, reacts efficiently with positively charged macromolecules. In wine or juice (white or rosé), Microcol CL-G eliminates temperature sensitive and unstable proteins responsible for protein haze. In juices from rotten or botrytised grapes, Microcol CL-G inhibits oxydases and laccase present in abnormal quantities in order to preserve the potential and the freshness of the aromas. In association with a protein fining agent, Microcol CL-G can be used as an auxiliary fining agent to help and ameliorate the sedimentation phase. Microcol CL-G is a very pure bentonite and dose not causes iron contamination.


  • Vinification: 50 to 100 g/hL (500 to 1 000 ppm) according to the quality of the juice or wine.
  • Clarification / stabilisation: 20 to 100 g/hL (200 to 1 000 ppm) according to the protein content.

To determine the proper dosage for protein stability, a bench trial is always recommended.

Conditions for use

Make Microcol CL-G swell in 10 to 15 times its volume of water by pouring it slowly in a wide bottomed tank while stirring energetically. In the case of manual stirring, let the content settle for six hours minimum, then stir again prior to use. In the case of mechanical stirring, continue stirring for 10 minutes, then allow settling for three hours minimum, then stir prior to use.

Incorporate the formed gel in the juice or wine while stirring vigorously.

The preparation time will be reduced by half when using warm water - approximately 50°C. After swelling, the excess of water can be removed.
Remark: Do not treat the wine or the juice with Microcol CL-G during an enzyme treatment, and vice versa.

Manufacturer – France

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