Na bentonite Microcol Alpha - 300g

Micro granulated Sodium bentonite - 300 grams
Na bentonite Microcol Alpha - 300g
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Microcol Alpha is a high quality natural sodium bentonite with a high adsorption capacity, intended for protein stabilisation in wines and must over a large pH range. Microcol Alpha is a clay belonging to the sheet-structured montmorillonite group. In solution in water, it produces a gel of varying density, with negative surface charges, explaining bentonite’s reactivity with regard to wine proteins.

Oenological applications

Microcol Alpha has been selected for its highly specific oenological criteria:

  • Stabilising properties in regard to heat-sensitive proteins on a wide pH spectrum
  • Stabilising the load through time
  • Clarifying capacity and proportion of lees (high clarifiying power)
  • Aromatic preservation
  • Colour preservation


  • 10 to 80 g / 100 liters (100 to 800 ppm), according to the proteic instability of wines – refer to protein stabilization tests.
  • In the case of young red wines, Microcol Alpha enables unstable colouring matter to be eliminated (5 to 10 g / 100 liters / 50 –100 ppm).

To determine the proper dosage for protein stability, a bench trial is always recommended.

Conditions for use

Dissolve the Microcol Alpha in roughly 10 times its weight in water, stirring continuously and vigorously for 2 hours. Leave to hydrate for 12 - 24 hours. Mix vigorously in order to obtain a homogenous preparation before incorporating into the tank during homogenising stirring. It is recommended to use hot water (50°C) to optimise rehydration.

Manufacturer – France

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