Simcoe - aroma hop pellets

Aroma hop pellets - 200 grams
Simcoe - aroma hop pellets
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Hop pellets type 90 of flavoring variety Simcoe. Vacuum-packed. Simcoe is a dual-purpose hop variety - both aroma and bitter purpose. Its grower claims it's similar in character to Amarillo. Simcoe is an aroma variety known for its versatility and unique characteristics. Simcoe hops boasts several different aromas including passion fruit, pine, earthy, and citrus, and also has strong bittering qualities with an alpha acid level of 12% - 14%. It is used extensively in the craft and home brewing industry and often used for american ales - IPA or Double IPA.


  • Enrichment of the wort with bitter hops during brewing

Technological features

  • Content of α-bitter acids – 13,1%

Directions for use

In general, aromatic hops are imported into the wort around 10-15 minutes before end of boiling.


Store in refrigerator for minimum loss of α-bitter acids.

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Manufacturer – USA