Potassium bicarbonate for wine - 100g

Potassium bicarbonate - 100 grams
Potassium bicarbonate for wine - 100g
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Potassium bicarbonate KHCO3 is an agent who helps to reduce the titratable acidity of grape must or wine - de-acidification agent. Usually elevated acidity observed in poorly ripened grapes. Qualified for the elaboration of products for direct human consumption in the field of the regulated use in OEnology. In accordance with the current International Oenological Codex, the EC Directive 96/77 on alimentary additives and the Food Chemical Codex V.

Directions for use

The desired quantity of potassium bicarbonate dissolved in 3 ÷ 4 times as much grape must or wine by the homogeneous solution is then added to the must or wine.

Recommended doses

Orientation can be assumed that 1 g KHCO3 / 1 liter, titratable acidity decreased by approximately 0,7 g (expressed as tartaric acid). The dose to be used should be defined after analysis.


Reducing the acidity is better to be done on a wine ready. Since the home is usually missing opportunities for accurate determination of acidity, it is recommended the addition of potassium bicarbonate is carried out in small portions followed by tastings and breaks down to the desired effect. Do not mix with any other products. Use the products within 4 hours after preparation of the solution.


Keep  in cool and dry place.

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