Yeast for grain material Fermiol - 30g

Yeast for fermentation of grain materials - 30 grams
Fermiol dry yeast
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Instant dry yeast strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Guarantees rapid, complete fermentation.

Fermiol is an instant dry yeast used for alcohol production. Fermiol can be used as a starter or for culture propagation. Fermiol can be used with any type of raw material - potatoes, grain, rice, molasses and others.


  • Short lag phase.
  • Rapid fermentation kinetics.
  • Maximum temperature - 40°C.
  • High alcohol tolerance: 14% in standard conditions, 16 % in presence of nutrients supplying nitrogen.
  • Low foam production.Produces significant amounts of Thiamin pyrophosphate a co-enzyme playing an important role in yeast growth.


  • 15 g/hL
  • 20 ÷ 30 g/hL to restart stuck fermentation

Directions for use

Inoculate 1000 l of freshly prepared mash at a dosage rate of 150 g/ m3. In a clean bucket put 5 l of drinking water at a temperature of 35 to 38°C and 5 l of fresh mash at same temperature. Avoid using chlorinated water. Yeast will rehydrate best and start growing when using a rehydration solution prepared with 50% fresh mash and 50% warm water. Stir well. Note: avoid using wooden tools. Wood often leads to contamination, prefer stainless steal or plastics. Gradually pour needed amount of yeast into the rehydration solution, continuing to stir vigorously to maintain the yeast cells in suspension. Leave the yeast to swell for several minutes, stirring frequently. A typical smelling foam will be produced, indicating that the yeast has started to re activate.

Manufacturer – Denmark

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