Automatic funnel for wine bottles

Automatic funnel designed for filling of bottles
Automatic funnel for wine bottles
Sales price 5,10 €

Automatic funnel is designed for filling bottles.

Application – used to fill bottles. Allow filling to a certain level in the bottle and automatically closing the valve in reaching it. While the excess liquid remains in the funnel. It can be removed from the bottle without any spillage. Moving conical rubber ring at the base up or down can be changed and the desired level in the bottle.

How does it work

  1. Place the funnel on the prepared bottle
  2. Pour the liquid into the funnel
  3. Upon reaching a certain level the valve will close
  4. Hold the funnel in the centre handle (black pictured)
  5. Remove the funnel

Diameter – 14 cm

Height – 17 cm

Material – plastic

Manufacturer – Italy

Price – 7,00 Euro