Essence - Apricot - 10 grams

To adjust the flavor of fruit brandy - 10 grams
Essence - Apricot - 10 grams
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Apricot flavor


  • To adjust the flavor of fruit brandy

Recommended doses for use

Approximately 0,2 to 0,4 g / liter (20 to 40 g/100 liters). It’s recommended to make a test in advance for accurate determination of the required quantity.

Directions for use

Infuse directly the required quantity and mix well.


Keep in a cool dry place.


It is recommended to make a test with a smaller volume of the material for flavoring, such as 1 liter. By consistently increasing the dose of the essence and subsequent tasting, it’s possible to determine the optimum quantity for infusion more accurately.

Manufacturer – Switzerland

Offered packages – Package with 10 g of product – 1,20 Euro