Fermentation activator Thiazote PH - 30g

Fermentation activator Thiazote PH - 30 grams
Fermentation activator Thiazote PH - 30g
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Nutrient providing growth factors. Product in accordance with the oenological codex. Thiazote PH is made of diammonium phosphate (DAP) and thiamine - vitamin B1.


The combined provision of ammonium salts and thiamine (vitamin B1) contained in Thiazote PH permits:

  • The multiplication of the yeast population whilst also ensuring viability
  • Fermentation acceleration
  • A decrease in ketonic acid content (the role of thiamine), which is able to bind SO2

Oenological applications

In the event of an assimilable nitrogen deficiency in the must, it is essential to add nitrogen in order to ensure yeast multiplication and efficient alcoholic fermentation.

According to the must conditions (initial nitrogen content, potential alcohol level, turbidity, etc.) it is advisable to correct the assimilable nitrogen content to between 180 and 220 mg/L.

10 g/hL of Thiazote PH produces on average of 21 mg/L of assimilable nitrogen.

Thiazote PH can be used on all types of must; white, rose or red.

With regards to optimal fermentation management, it is important to consider that a regular and complete alcoholic fermentation is an essential factor for the successful onset of malo-lactic fermentation.

Protocol for use

It is advisable to add Thiazote PH in two stages: half the dose during yeast inoculation and the other half after a density loss of about 20 points (before 1/3 of sugar depletion). Do not mix with active dry yeast (ADY). Prepare the Thiazote PH and add to the tank after Active Dry Yeast inoculation.


  • 10 to 50 g/hL for white, rosé or red. Dosage should be based on the initial assimilable nitrogen content in the must, the potential alcohol degree and the turbidity.
  • European maximum legal dosage: 50 g/hL.
  • Legislation now authorises the use of ammonium sulfate and phosphate at a maximum rate of 100 g/hL.


Use a clean, inert container. Dissolve the total quantity of Thiazote PH to be added in 10 times its weight in water or must. Mix well, then incorporate directly into the vat during a pump-over.

Manufacturer – France

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