Handheld refractometer for beer and grape must

Handheld refractometer for beer wort and grapes
Handheld refractometer for sugar in must 0 - 32
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Handheld refractometer

Handheld refractometer for determination of sugars and extract contenf in grape and beer must. Suitable for homebrewing and winemaking.

Range Brix: – 0% Brix ÷ 32% Brix

Range Specific gravity: – 1,000 ÷ 1,130

Accuracy: ± 0,2%

Minimum division – 0,2% Brix

ATC – Automatic temperature compensation

The scale of the refractometer shows sugars in grape must. Highest accuracy at 20°C. The kit contains a plastic storage case, a refractometer, a pipette for sampling and calibration screwdriver if necessary.