Waterproof pH pocket tester AD 12

pH pocket testers with replaceable electrode
Waterproof pH pocket tester AD 12
Sales price 50,00 €

pH pocket tester AD 12AD12 is the most advanced microprocessor based Waterproof pH / Temperature pocket testers in the market. Fast, stable and precise, this tester is for users that require the greatest accuracy. Simple user-replaceable pH / Temp probe: just unscrew the plastic ring on the top of the electrode and replace it with a new one!

2 rows display LCD (reads both pH and temperature measurements) and built-in HOLD function that freezes the display for easy and accurate recording. Other features such as stability indicator, automatic calibration and automatic temperature compensation make these waterproof pocket testers a must-have in a variety of industries. The modular design allows to replace the electrode in a fast and simple way.

Technical information

  • Range – рН 2,0 to 16,0 and temperature -5,0°С to 60,0°С / 23,0 to 140,0°F
  • Resolution – ±0,01 about рН and 0,1°С / 0,1°F about temperature
  • Accuracy – ±0,01 about рН и 0,5°С / 1,0°F about temperatureorили 10,01
  • Temperature compensation – automatic from -5,0°С to 60,0°С
  • Enviroment – temperature from -5,0°С to 60,0°С and RH to 100%
  • Battery type – 4х1,5V – included
  • Battery life – approximately 300 hours
  • Auto shutt-of – yes
  • Buffer solutions pH 4,01 and 7,01 – included

Manufacturer – Hungary – Romania

Price – 60,00 Euro