Oenological tannin Galalcool - 10g

Tannin for white and rose vinification - 10 grams
Oenological tannin GalalcoolOenological tannin Galalcool
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Gallic tannin, using instant dissolving process - IDP, to be used for white and rosé must vinification.


Tannin Galalcool is a highly purified extract of oak gall tannins, with physical and chemical properties particularly well adapted to white and rose must vinification:

  • Protection from oxidation
  • Botrytis infected harvest: laccase activity
  • Sparkling wines

Oenological applications

  • Reduces natural enzymatic oxidation activity (e.g. from laccase or polyphenol oxidase), complementing the activity of SO2
  • Complements bentonite use to precipitate unstable proteins
  • Regulates and minimizes the use of SO2 due to its excellent anti-oxidant activity
  • Improves clarification


  • Oxidation & Botrytis protection: 5 to 20 g/hL (50 - 200 ppm)
  • Bottling of sparkling wines: 2 to 4 g/hL (20 - 40 ppm)


Thanks to the IDP process, Tanin Galalcool can be directly sprinkled onto the wine, during homogenisation or a pump-over.

On a Botrytised harvest, add a 10 % Tanin Galalcool solution after crushing, and in small doses during pumping into the press.

For sparkling wines, add a 10 % Tanin Galalcool solution to the “mixtion of tirage” (blend of sugar and yeast).

Manufacturer – France

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