Oenological tannin Tan’Cor - 10g

Oenological tannin for red wine maturation - 10 grams
Oenological tannin Tan’Cor - 10g
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Proanthocyanidic tannin and ellagitannin preparation, using Instant Dissolving Process – IDP, to be used in red wine maturation.


Tan’Cor combines the properties of ellagic and proanthocyanidic tannins specially prepared for the treatment of red wines after the fermentation phase or during maturation, and is used for:

  • Enhancement and modification of the structure of the wine and preparing it for maturation
  • Protection of the wine with regards to oxidation phenomena
  • Regulation of oxidation-reduction phenomena

Oenological applications

  • Red wines presenting a tannin imbalance and/or weak structure
  • Limiting the appearance of reductive characteristics

Protocol for use


  • Tannin structure improvement: 10 - 30 g/hL
  • Protection against oxidation : 10 - 30 g/hL


During the first wine racking, after malo-lactic fermentation or at any stage during maturation. Thanks to the IDP procedure, Tan’Cor can be sprinkled directly onto the wine during homogenisation or a pump-over. After Tan’Cor has been added, it is recommended to carry out normal rackings until until bottling preparation.
It is recommended to add Tan’Cor at least two weeks before bottling.

Manufacturer – France

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