Oenological tannin VR Supra - 30g

Oenological tannin for red wine vinification - 30 grams
Oenological tannin VR Supra - 30g
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Instantaneously dissolving (Instant Dissolving Process, IDP) ellagic and proanthocyanidic tannin preparation for red wine vinification.


Tannin VR Supra combines the effects of different tannins, which are selected and prepared for optimal technological efficiency, without adding bitterness:

  • Wine structural improvement by supplementation of the midpalate
  • Inhibition of natural oxidation enzymes (laccase, polyphenol oxidase) during harvesting of Botrytis-affected vintages (more efficiently than SO2)
  • Anti-oxidant action providing protection of the must and pigmented matter

Oenological applications

  • Vinification of grapes that show a phenolic maturity deficiency or an unfavourable tannin/anthocyanin ratio for colour stabilisation
  • Protection and vinification of grapes affectedby Botrytis cinerea
  • Improves fining

Protocol for use

Oenological conditions

  • High anthocyanin content and/or tannin deficiency, where the tannin/anthocyanin ratio < 4
  • Low maturity of grape tannins preventing high phenolic extraction
  • Botrytis-affected harvest: laccase activity > 2 U/mL


  • Structural improvement: 10 to 20 g/hL
  • Colour stabilisation: 20 to 40 g/hL
  • Botrytis-affected fruit: 30 to 80 g/hL


The IDP process enables perfect solubility in wine and thus imposes no preliminary dissolution of the tannins in water. Homogenous introduction into the bulk of the must or wine is, however, advised. It is recommended to carry out a systematic pump-over or other homogenising action during the application. Tannin VR Supra can also be dispersed directly into the must in an intermediate tank during a pump-over.

  • On sound fruit: add the total dosage during the first pump-over at the start of alcoholic fermentation.
  • For cold pre-fermentation macerations (cold soaking): add the total dosage during the first pump-over at the start of alcoholic fermentation.
  • On a Botrytis-affected harvest: add the total dosage after crushing, little by little during pumping of the must. If necessary, homogenise in the tank.

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