Red wine yeast Zymaflore FX10 - 10g

Red wine yeast - 10 grams
Red wine yeast Zymaflore FX10Red wine yeast Zymaflore FX10
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Building on the outstanding heritage of Zymaflore F10, Zymaflore FX10 is the strain for superior red wines which are defined by their elegance, combining structure, volume on the palate and intense colour. A new technique, directed breeding (non-GMO cross breeding), applied to the F10 strain, has provided increased resistance to membrane sterol deficiency, thus ensuring high fermentation security.
Particularly recommended for producing premium to icon wines, notably Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot.

Oenological properties

Fermentation characteristics:

  • Tolerance to alcohol: up to 16 % vol
  • Wide tolerance to temperatures : 20 - 35°C
  • Low nitrogen requirements
  • Low production of volatile acidity and H2S
  • Compatible with malolactic starters

Organoleptic characteristics:

  • Good polysaccharide release (palate volume)
  • Retains polyphenolic potential (structure and colour)
  • Released polysaccharides combine with wine tannins, rendering them silky even at high concentrations
  • Very high aptitude for lees maturation
  • Expresses “terroir” (very low fermentation aroma production).


Minimum 20 g/hL. In the case of prefermentative cold maceration, it is recommended to add yeast at 5 g/hL during tank filling, in order to dominate the indigenous flora, then to top up with 15 - 20 g/hL at the end of maceration, before increasing the must temperature.


  • Carefully follow the yeast rehydration protocol.
  • Avoid temperature differences exceeding 10°C between the must and the yeast inoculum. Total yeast inoculum preparation time must not exceed 45 minutes.
  • In the case of harvests with a high alcohol degree potential and to minimize volatile acidity formation, use a yeast activator – Dynastart.

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