Potassium metabisulphite - 100 grams

Potassium metabisulphite for sulphate of juice and wine
Potassium metabisulphite - 100 grams
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Potassium metabisulphite (K2S2O5) is adding for sulphate of grape mash (crushing of grapes), juice and wine. To some extent the process is an analogue of sulphate with sulphurous acid. It is easily soluble in hot water and more difficult soluble in must. Theoretically it contains 57,66 % sulphur dioxide but for practical usage is assumed to contain 50 % sulphur dioxide by its weight. For that reason in determining the desired dose of sulphur dioxide we have to use twice as much potassium metabisulphite.

For example: we have 100 kg of grape pulp which has to be ferment and we want to be sulphated with a dose of 60 mg/kg SO2

МSulphur dioxide = 60.100/1000 = 6 g

It is known that 1 g potassium metabisulphite releases about 0,5g SO2, for dose 6 g SO2 is necessary to add 2.6 = 12 g potassium metabisulphite.

Direction for use of potassium metabisulphite:

The calculated and measured quantity of potassium metabisulphite is dissolved in some warm water. Just make a solution at 10% in water. You can add a little grape must and then mix it and add it to the tank for fermentation or vessel for storage of wine.


Store at room temperature (0 to 22°C), in a dry and odourless. Keep away from children.

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