White wine enzyme Lafazym extract - 10g

White wine enzyme Lafazym extract - 10 grams
White wine enzyme Lafazym extractWhite wine enzyme Lafazym extract
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Purified pectolytic enzyme preparation, specifically for cold pellicular maceration during white wine vinification. Developed for extracting aroma precursors and varietal aromas for the production of highly aromatic, fruity white wines. Product in accordance with the International OEnological Codex, with the Food Chemical Codex V (FCC) and the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JEFCA). Natural product, GMO-free, no added preservatives.


  • Improves extraction of varietal aromas and aroma precursors from skins and pulp.
  • Favours extraction of certain molecules which play a role in the structure and ageing capacity of dry white wines.
  • Reduces pellicular maceration time (optimisation of production costs).
  • Optimises subsequent operations: pressing, must settling, filtration.

Oenological applications

  • Cold pellicular maceration on healthy, perfectly ripe white grapes, for extracting varietal aromas and their precursors.
  • Simplifies cellar flow management during harvest.

Oenological conditions

  • Lafazym extract is to be used after crushing before to fill up the tank (or press).
  • Bentonite: The enzymes are irreversibly inactivated by bentonite. Any bentonite treatment must always be carried out after the completion of enzyme activity or after the bentonite is eliminated.
  • SO2: Lafazym extract is not sensitive to normal SO2 doses ( < 300 mg/L ) but it is recommended not to put the enzymes and sulphurous solutions in direct contact.
  • The preparations are generally active at temperatures from 5°C to 60°C at a wine pH of 2.9 to > 4.0.


Alter the dosage in relation to the skin quality (and thickness), maturity and to the state of sanitation of the harvest.

  • White - 2 to 3 g/100 kg of harvest.

Infected harvest: refer to the technical file on infected harvest vinification. For infected harvests it is strongly advised not to carry out pellicular maceration, due to the risk of extracting Botrytis oxidases which are highly harmful to dry white wine aromas.


  1. Dissolve Lafazym extract in 10 times its weight in water, must or wine. The product dissolves immediately at room temperature.
  2. Incorporate at maceration (as early as possible) using a dosing pump or a drip for improved homogenisation. Otherwise, carry out light homogenisation.

Manufacturer – France

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