White wine yeast Actiflore F33 - 50g

White wine yeast - 50 grams
White wine yeast Actiflore F33White wine yeast Actiflore F33
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Actiflore F33 is adapted to all types of vinification. Actiflore F33 has been selected for its fast fermentation kinetic and its resistance to high sugar level must. This strain allows to obtain fine and balance wines.


Fermenting characteristics:

  • Very good implantation in the must.
  • Very good kinetic of fermentation.
  • Good resistance to high temperature and heat chock.
  • High alcoholic fermentation potential : up to 14,5 % vol.
  • Low production of volatile acidity.
  • High production of polysaccharides.

Oenological characteristics:

  • Very good extraction of the potential of the grapes.
  • Adapted to all type of varietals.

Condition for use:

Actiflore F33 is recommended for the elaboration of all types of wines: white, rosé and red. Actiflore F33 makes clean and fine wines respecting the typicity of the grapes.


  • 10 to 20 g/hl of must
  • 10 to 20 g/100 kg of grapes


For example: mix 100 g of Actiflore F33 and 100 g of sugar to 1 litre of water at 40°C. Leave for 20 Min, then stir slowly. The yeast is ready for use. The addition is carried out by introducing directly into the fermenting tank and by homogenising. After rehydration, avoid a temperature difference of more than 5°C between the prepared yeast and the must that is to be inoculated.

Manufacturer – France

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