White wine yeast Zymaflore X16 - 30g

White wine yeast - 30 grams
White wine yeast Zymaflore X16White wine yeast Zymaflore X16
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Strain derived from breeding, combining an excellent production of fermentative esters (white peach, yellow fruit), while retaining a sharp, clean aromatic profile (-) pof character) and fermentation security even under difficult conditions: low turbidity, low temperature. Perfectly adapted for the elaboration of modern white wines (Popular Premium, Premium), from aromatically “neutral” grape varieties or with a high wine yield.

Oenological properties

Fermentation characteristics:

  • Particularly rapid fermentation kinetics
  • Tolerance to alcohol: up to 16% vol
  • Tolerance to low fermentation temperatures: from 12°C
  • Low nitrogen requirements
  • Tolerance to low turbidity
  • Low production of volatile acidity and H2S

Aromatic characteristics :

Aromatically intense and clean profile:

  • (-) pof strain: does not possess cinnamate decarboxylase, which is responsible for the formation of vinyl-phenols, aroma “maskers” or responsible for heavy notes, such as "pharmaceutical"
  • Very high fermentative aroma production (white peach, white flowers, yellow fruit)

* It is of course possible to add yeast at 8-10°C after settling; it is essential that the yeast is acclimatised to the temperature by consecutive addition of must.

Dosage – 20 g/hL


  • Carefully follow the yeast rehydration protocol.
  • Avoid temperature differences exceeding 10°C between the must and the yeast during inoculation. Total yeast preparation time must not exceed 45 minutes.

In the case of particularly difficult fermentation conditions (very low temperature, highly clarified must, very high PAC) and/or to optimise the yeast’s aromatic performances, use Dynastart in the rehydration water.

Manufacturer – France

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