Yeast Actiflore BO213 - 30g

Difficult fermentation yeast - 30 grams
Yeast Actiflore BO213 - 30g
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Selected by Laffort Oenologie for its high fermenting capacity and its resistance to high alcohol concentration.


  • Actiflore BO213 is recommended for restarting stuck fermentations when the alcoholic level is high and residual sugar is low.
  • Actiflore BO213 can ferment up to 18% alcohol / vol. and is recommended for the production of sweet wines.
  • From experimentation it is found that Actiflore BO213 ferments quickly; its growth is slow, but is relatively unaffected by increase of alcohol concentration.
  • The yield of transformation of sugar into alcohol is around 16g for 1% alcohol/vol.
  • The production of volatile acidity is low.
  • Fermentation from 12°C upward.


  • 20 g/hL
  • 20 ÷ 30 g/hL to restart stuck fermentation

Directions for use

You have to rehydrate Actiflore BO213 in water in a ratio of Yeast / Water - 1:10 for example, 20 g have to be dissolved in 200 ml water.
Leave for 20 Min, then stir slowly. The yeast is ready for use. The addition is carried out by introducing directly into the fermenting tank and by homogenising. After re-hydration, avoid a temperature difference of more than 5°C between the prepared yeast and the must that is to be inoculated.
To restart a stuck fermentation (see Dynastart documentation) it is always advisable to prepare the yeasts in a solution composed of equal volumes of wine and water at 40°C, together with 20 to 30 g/l of sugar. The addition of the fermenting yeasts to the wine will have to be done when the quantity of sugar remaining in the leaven will be lower than the sugar left in the wine.

Manufacturer – France

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