Yeast activator Dynastart - 30g

Yeast activator Dynastart - 30 grams
Yeast activator Dynastart - 30g
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A combination of growth and survival factors, Dynastart is a yeast preparation for use in the rehydration water of active dry yeast. Product in accordance with the Oenological Codex


A specific preparation of yeast origin, naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and sterols. Dynastart improves resistance to difficult medium conditions (high alcohol percentage, low fermentation temperatures) but also makes it possible to compensate for a deficiency in sterols (low turbidity, anaerobic vinification) for a strong fermentation finish.

Dynastart improves viability and the general metabolism of the yeast, and thus:

  • Significantly increases resistance to ethanol
  • Avoids excessive production of volatile acidity
  • Improves aroma release optimisation / aroma production by the yeast
  • Reinforces starter culture efficiency

Oenological applications

To be used especially in the event of high potential alcohol degree, in the event of low juice turbidity, low fermentation temperature, and in fermentation restart starter cultures.

  • Dynastart provides, during yeast rehydration, the essential elements (sterols) of the yeast membrane, and guarantees membrane fluidity, its resistance to alcohol and higher efficiency of the sugar transporters through to the last yeast generation.
  • Dynastart does not provide assimilable nitrogen. In the event of nitrogen deficiency, an addition of ammonium salts or organic nitrogen remains essential.

Scientific and experimental results

Growth factors contained in Dynastart (vitamins and minerals) are implicated in minimising the formation of undesirable compounds, promoting cellular growth, and are co-factors in membranous transport mechanisms. Survival factors (sterols, fatty acids) play a role in fermentative metabolism and resistance to alcohol.
When the potential alcohol degree is very high (in red, for example), sterol intake prevents membrane disruption and increases cellular viability; therefore it allows a strong fermentation finish.

  • Prevention of the production of negative sulphur containing compounds
  • Prevention of excessive production of volatile acidity
    The preparation of yeasts for stress (nutritional deficiency, high osmotic shock) before inoculation by using Dynastart limits volatile acidity production in difficult fermentation conditions by up to 50%.
  • Improved yeast aromatic performance
    By enhancing the general uptake of components of the must, Dynastart optimises the yeast metabolism and enzymatic mechnisms, especially in terms of the production of fermentative aromas or the optimal release of certain aromatic precursors such as thiols.
  • Improved starter culture efficiency
    Yeast re-hydration for the preparation of the starter culture with Dynastart enables better yeast acclimatization and better yeast multiplication. The implantation of the starter culture is improved and the fermentation finishes more rapidly.
  • Lag phase and prefermentative maceration (cold soaking)
    It is important to emphasise the fact that Dynastart enables a more rapid fermentation completion, but does not reduce the lag phase. In the case of cold prefermentative maceration (cold soaking), it is advisable to inoculate in two stages: one part before cold soaking, then the remainder at the end of the cold soaking, on both occasion using Dynastart.

Protocol for use

To be added to yeast rehydration water prior to the yeast. Do not use directly in the tank (the elements provided by Dynastart would be absorbed by the indigenous flora or would be bound by certain components).


30 g/hL in the active dry yeast rehydration water. For the first inoculation and for the restart culture in the event of stuck fermentation (in this case, refer to our fermentation restart protocol).


Use a clean, inert container. Dissolve the total quantity of Dynastart needed for the fermentation tank in 20 times its weight in water at 37°C. Mix well, then incorporate the active dry yeast. Follow the protocol for standard active dry yeast rehydration.

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