Malolactic culture Viniflora CH35

Malolactic bacteria for malolactic fermentation
Malolactic culture Viniflora CH35
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Viniflora CH35 is a freeze-dried culture of Oenococcus oeni. It is a heterofermentative malolactic bacteria which has been selected to ensure a fast and safe malolactic fermentation when inoculated directly into wine. It is adapted especially for inoculation of rosé and white wines with low pH and high levels of SO2. It has a good tolerance towards temperature and alcohol levels.

Main features


This culture has been selected for its outstanding performance and capability to perform malolactic fermentation in difficult white wines. This strain performs very well in rosé and white wines but has also been used successfully in red wines. Among the features are:

  • Direct inoculation into wine
  • High numbers of active cells which ensure a quick start of fermentation
  • High level of microbiological purity
  • Outstanding tolerance to low pH and elevated levels of SO2
  • Strong fermenter under harsh white wine conditions
  • Low production of volatile acidity

Technological characteristics

  • Inoculation temperature range – 15 ÷ 25°С
  • рН minimum – 3,1
  • Total SO2 max. at inoculation – 45 mg/l
  • Alcohol maximum – 14 % Vol.


One package is enough for 250 liters of wine.

Directions for use

Viniflora Oenos freeze-dried cultures are adapted for direct inoculation into wine. No rehydration or reactivation is required.

  1. Remove the pouch from the freezer 15 minutes before use and place at room temperature. Make sure that the dosage complies with the amount of wine to be inoculated.
  2. Open the pouch and add the granulated culture directly to wine. The culture can be dissolved in a smaller volume first and added to the total volume right after, if required. Make sure that the culture is completely dissolved in the wine.


Store in freezer at -18°С

Manufacturer – Denmark

Price – 12.50 Euro