Red wine enzyme Lafase HE Grand Cru - 10g

Red wine enzyme - 10 grams
Red wine enzyme Lafase HE Grand CruRed wine enzyme Lafase HE Grand Cru
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Pectolytic enzyme preparation, purified in CE and anthocyanase for the production of full bodied red wines that are rich in colouring matter and structured tannins, destined for ageing.


  • Anthocyanase purification allows a better stability of colour over time.
  • The purification in CE limits the formation of ethyl phenol precursors during a potential Brettanomyces contamination.
  • Favours wine clarification.
  • For the production of structured red wines, rich in colour and polymerised tannins, with good mouthfeel.
  • Lafase HE Grand Cru allows for optimal extraction of phenolic compounds, particularly more highly polymerised tannins and anthocyanins, which have a higher capacity for conserving their stability over time

Oenological applications

  • Lafase HE Grand Cru can be added at the crusher, including during cold pre-fermentation maceration.
  • Bentonite: The enzymes are irreversibly inactivated by bentonite. Any bentonite treatment must always be carried out after the completion of enzyme activity or after the bentonite is eliminated.
  • Lafase HE Grand Cru is not sensitive to normal SO2 doses
  • The preparations are generally active at temperatures from 5°C to 60°C at a wine pH of 2,9 to > 4,0.


Alter the dosage in relation to the skin quality (thickness), to phenolic maturity and the state of sanitation of the harvest.

  • Red: 3 to 5 g/100 kg of harvest. Under-ripe or thick skins: 4 to 5 g/100 kg of harvest. Optimal maturity or thin skins: 3 to 4 g/100 kg. Infected grapes: 5 g/100 kg (to be incorporated after fermentation has started): refer to technical file on altered harvest vinification.


  1. Dissolve Lafase HE Grand Cru in 10 times its weight in water or must before incorporation. Once diluted, the chilled preparation can be used within the following 6 to 8 hours..

Manufacturer – France

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