Activator Fermactive Activateur - 10g

Activator Fermactive Activateur - 10 grams
Activator Fermactive Activateur - 10g
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Fermactive Activateur  is active enhancer of the alcoholic fermentation which stimulate the biological activity of the yeast.


Fermactive Activateur contains ammonium sulfate, diammonium phosphate, vitamin B1 – thiamine.


Fermactive Activateur ensures the increase of cell biomass and the duration of the life of the yeast cells which favors finishing the alcohol fermentation. In cases of fermentation lag, Fermactive Activateur favors the complete fermentation of the sugars in the must even in higher temperatures.

Organoleptic effect

The use of Fermactive Activateur during the alcoholic fermentation ensures producing wines resistant to oxidation thanks to the reduce contain of keto-acids. Fermactive Activateur stimulates the produce of floral and fresh aromas in the wines.

Oenological application

  • Good start and good fermentation process.
  • Prevents stuck fermentation.
  • Finish of the alcohol fermentation at lower or higher temperatures.


  • Ensures the quick start of the alcoholic fermentation.
  • Reduce the fermentation period.
  • Favors the clarification of the wines after the alcoholic fermentation.
  • Increase the resistance of the wines against oxidation.

Usage and dosage

Recommended dosage: 10 ÷ 50 g/hl
Dissolve the product in water or must, add to the tank and homogenize.


Storage at temperature under 20°C in dry environment.

Manufacturer – France

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